HEM DESAI (Chairman)

Veteran I Experienced I Visionary

Shri Hem Desai is the Veteran Visionary and founder of the Desai Group of Companies– He has ably built and supported the company by leveraging his far sighted insights, powerful network and access to each and every section of the company. The saying “We are what we feel, we depict our thoughts through our actions and vision“ rightly projects Shri Hem Desai’s selfless effort. He profoundly instils immense support and together with his rich experience, industry knowledge and expertise of 35 years nurtures the strengthening entrepreneurship and goodwill for the organization. His impeachable personality has built a strong foundation for the company based on his exceptional relation with International Clients and Customers. His admirable and plausible effort of initializing the stepping stone for DGC is noteworthy.

Besides his vision and focus, he has left no stone unturned to pledge various worthy initiatives towards developing the organization and marking it as a flagship manufacturer with the able support of his son and fellow directors. Under his leadership, the organization has embarked on its new endeavour and with a worthy cause.

Shri Hem Desai’s wholesome dedication is identical and tantamount for our organization and the success of our clients and associates. The world is advancing towards a new era and we seem to be getting trendier with our products. Hence his support has and will ensure the results expected is not complex but in line with the company’s objective at all times.

PRANIT HEM DESAI (Managing Director)

An extremely affable, enthusiast, and richly experienced professional who has a proven track record with Ferro Alloys trade Organizations.

Pranit Hem Desai, Director has successfully aligned his expertise with his cumulative rich experience fuelled with High level of technical proficiency gained over the last 10 years.

His aptitude to lead, control, execute and operate various verticals in the field of Ferro Manganese briquettes has provided him with a solid platform supported by the affluent experience for numerous ventures, commercial, support and entrepreneur skills.

He is very compassionate and his dedication flawlessly merges with his competences related to the Ferro Alloys Industry and paves a new horizon for more.

He is solid, fair and loyal leader with an inclusive experience and expertise. Always understanding the project requirement and building on an evident willingness to support and execute, his approach has benefited organizations to develop their current and future requirements.

NITIN GULVE ( Director - Operations)

Veteran I Effervescent I Committed

Nitin Gulve-Executive Director, is an experienced personality who transmutes premeditated strategies into practicable elucidations. Being a marketing strategist, dynamic &multi-talented, Nitin offers over 35 years of experience with renowned Iron & Steel leading Industries. He leverages a distinguished entrepreneurial background. Adept at successfully executing transition efforts while fostering positive team and business relations.

Apart from mastering his marketing section, he excels in business relation and included Mukand Ltd., Sunflag Iron& Steel Co. Ltd, and Jindal Stainless Ltd in his experience which cemented his career journey.

Nitin Gulve now leads the way at DGC and is responsible for continuous enhancement, evaluation, and implementation of the company’s financial cum marketing strategy. He utilized relevant technology effectively to achieve desired outcomes and continuously practiced and monitored evaluating processes and firmed up a strong association for DGC, which was his first large unit entrepreneurial venture.

Based in Ahmedabad, Nitin provides fuel to the initiatives of DGC in India and establishes connections Pan India with an aim to expand our network reach and generate business leads ,closes sales and develop and expand the business to constantly improve service and product experience.

Nitin Gulve is known to support his strategies and execute them with carefully designed self-plan and expertise - which he has mastered over the years. His flexible execution, rich experience has placed him ahead in this competitive paradigm.

HETUL DAVE ( Director)

The Man I Mind I Maker

A high-spirited and ambitious Hetul Dave-Director, started his professional journey almost 10 years from now and has efficiently spearheaded a commendable position in handling International logistics administration, and has lead both verticals in material purchase and EXIM. He has had handled multiple ventures and managed various sectors with equal ease. His proficiency and expertise in handling the diverse department of DGC comfortably has made him excel business relationship and earn a respectable position in the organization.

He is compassionate and his flawless dedication at DGC, as an alumni committed member has paved a new horizon for DGC. His positive aggression has helped in securing the organization a firm position based on reputation for cross-functional leadership and ability to get the job done; this made key contributions, succeeding in overall driving of organizational operations.

He brings into the team experience, expertise and know-how to constantly improve service and product experience. This is executed by his carefully designed objective, strategies, visionary plan and flexible execution supported by a team of qualified personnel of the trade.

He is persuasive and influential with strong tactical skills; he continues his journey with DGC and has since then never looked back.

His skillful aptitude and approach got him distinction of steering Improvement initiatives with the focus on upcoming manufacturing and production sphere.

It helped him immensely in building a strong platform for the new developments and a niche for himself as well.

MIHIR SHAH (Director)

Mihir Shah, a big-box experienced professional who carries 20 years of experience into Industrial Retail Sales and stock management. An extremely dedicated individual who maintains the customer service relations as per the required needs. Highly approachable for the product knowledge with regards to the latest trends in the industry and educate the customer.

He is a successful enthusiast in both startup and turnaround management roles and belongs to a comprehensive background at DGC for leading all aspects of the industrial retail operations. He carries the ability to increase the sales by promoting the industrial products to the customers and possess a deep understanding of the best merchandising practices and inventory management.

Excelled in building and motivating managerial teams. Developed many entry-level associates to leadership positions.