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Acidic Ramming Mass / Mixes

INDRAM S (Postmix / Premix)

It is quartz based ramming mix widely used in low cost melting of Mild steel, Alloy steels, Ni-hard, Ni-Resistant Chrome Irons, Ductile and Malleable Irons.

The same is available in PREMIX variant where homogeneous mixing of boric acid as a binder is done.


Fused slica based ramming mix for coreless induction furnace for melting various grades of steel at high temperatures. Due to its amorphous (non-crystalline) structure, it gives better performance at high temperatures.

Specifications Ind Ram Ind Ram
  S FS
Al2O3 < 1 < 0.5
SiO2% 98.5 99
Grading [mm] 0 - 5 0 - 5
Bond Ceramic Ceramic
Sintering Temp 0 Min. : 1000 1000
Application Temp 0 Max. : 1750 1750