Hem Desai Enterprises Ltd.


Founded in the year 1941, Grindwell Abrasives, As Grindwell Norton was then known, pioneered the manufacture of grinding wheels in India at its plant located in a small fishing village near Mumbai.

It has since been offering the best abrasives technology to Indian industry.

Grindwell Norton Ltd.(GNO) came into being when a technical collabration in 1967 between grindwell and then the world leader in abrasives - Norton Company, USA, grew into a financial collabration in 1971.

In 1990, Saint - Gobain acquired Norton Company, USA, worldwide, and six years later, GNO became the first majority-owned subsidiary of Saint - Gobain in India.

Today,GNO is India’s leading manufacturer of Abrasives (bonded,coated,non - Woven, Superabrasives And Thin Wheels) and Silicon Carbide.

It has 6 state of art plants in Mumbai, Nagpur, Tirupati, Himachal Pradesh And Bhutan. By stringent implementation of World class manufacturing techniques under supervision of Saint Gobain, Gridwell Norton Ltd. today delivers cutting edge technology in its products

Today Norton brand is the most preferred brand among industries and provides total grinding solutions.

With its custom built range of abrasives in all segments it is a true market leader.

Spitfire and Zirkon are the special brands which dominate the Steel Industry today with its superior performance and consistency.

All our grinding wheels pass through stringent quality and safety test before being offered to the customers.