Desai Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Calcined Lime, Quick Lime Lumps, Unslaked Lime, Burnt Lime

Quicklime lumps, also known as ‘Burnt Lime’ or ‘Calcined Lime’ are formed by calcining Calcium Carbonate (Lime Stone). Lime stone used in the process is of Rajasthan origin. Finished product goes through an extensive quality control check in order to ensure consistent and appropriate quality to the customer.

Specifications Percentage
Available CaO 82 -85
Total CaO 88% min.
Acid Insoluble as SiO2 1.5 (Max.)
MgO 2.0 (Max.)
R2O3 0. 5 (Max.)
Mesh (BSS) 97-98% passing through 250 mesh
 Reactivity Time 55°C 15-20 minutes
Packing Once used Jumbo Bag/ PP/HDPE bag