Hem Desai Enterprises Ltd.

Asbestos Millboard


0-1 mm, 1-4 mm


Other sizes available on demand.


  • Is made from a blend of high quality Chrysotile Asbestos Fibre and other non-combustible Ingredients
  • Is compactly bound
  • Is strong with a smooth surface
  • Is available in a wide range of thicknesses to cater to all needs
  • Has rigidity as well as flexibility
  • Has low thermal conductivity
  • Has high temperature resistivity
  • Can be easily cut, punched or wet moulded
  • Gives clean edges while cutting gaskets


A versatile material used for widely divergent applications

For Insulation
  • In electric arc, induction and other furnaces
  • In Boilers and ovens
  • In kerosene wick stoves
  • In domestic appliances like Electric Irons, Heaters
For Automobiles Gaskets
  • In cylinder head and exhaust manifold gaskets
For Padding
  • In ball mills
  • In expansion joints
  • In steel strip industry
For Construction of Roller Conveyors
  • In Sheet Glass Industry
  • In Annealing Furnaces
For Fire Safety
  • In Fire-proof Safes and Cupboards
  • In Fire-check Doors
For Environmental Safety
  • As covers for ladles, ingots, etc. to protect workmen
  • As base mat for placing hot metals in steel & aluminium industries
For Protection of Plant and Equipment
  • As gaskets while pouring Molten Metal’s in steel & Aluminium industries. As lining below the mould in the Casting Industry.

As a foundry aggregate, olivine is noted for its high fusion point, low uniform thermal expansion and its remarkable ability to resist fracture from thermal shock. Olivine has been famous for years in producing excellent non-ferrous castings. Today more foundry men are realizing that olivine works equally well in iron, manganese and stainless steel.


Product Sizes Sheets in 100 kg
1.0 mm 65 sheets
2.0 mm 50 sheets
2.5 mm 40 sheets
3.0 mm 32 sheets
5.0 mm 17 sheets
6.0 mm 15 sheets
10.0 mm 9 sheets
12.0 mm 8 sheets