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Metal Mix - X ( DG Super Saver )

During melting of high alloy steels a sizable percentage of Ferro Alloys added into it is oxidized and forms oxides which results in loss of recovery of ferro alloys added. METALMIX-X acts in a 3 fold direction. Its acts as a slag fluidizer which results in indirectly giving churning effect to the liquid metal which in turns helps in reducing gases whereby it acts as a degasser. METALMIX-X when added in liquid metal should be mixed well and it generally forms a layer which does not allow liquid metal to expose to atmosphere. Here it serves as a deoxidizer as the main object being, to reduce metal surface exposure to air whereby it avoids oxidation of alloys added in the liquid metal. METALMIX-X is added during the melting process in the induction furnaces. The ratio in which it should be used is 3.4 Kgs/1 M.T. liquid metal.

How to Use

Normally in any melting process slag off is done twice. First at the time when the furnace is half filled and lastly at the time of final slag off before tapping. METALMIX-X needs to be worked into the slag, by means of steel rods to get best efficiency. When mixed before tapping i.e. at the final slag off after addition of all required ferro alloys wait for 2-3 minutes for the reaction to complete and then used slag coagulant which should be compatible with-before final slag off. No further delay should occur before slag off and tap in order to avoid oxidation.

METALMIX-X is conveniently packed in 1.0 Kgs to 5.0 Kgs packing depending on the furnace size. So that it became convenient to use.

METALMIX-X is of black colour but do not have to worry as it does not have carbon. At places where aluminium wire/shots and calcium silicide is used during final slag off is also eliminated as METALMIX-X serves its purpose

The major benefit of use is threefold. SLAG FLUIDISER, DE-GASSER and DE-OXIDISER resulting into saving in ferro alloys, stop furnace build-up and improve quality of steel produced.